Monday, 30 August 2010

The Fall of Youth

As I previously mentioned, I saw the Youth around the time they recorded this session for John Peel's Radio 1 show.

Daydream Nation had been released and the band were on the rise.

(Funny, Daydream Nation must be one of my least played records; I'm still not sure whether I like it or not.)

Surprisingly, they decided not to take the opportunity to market their latest product, but created a set for Peel with a twist: performing, in an all-knowing, post modern, deferential fashion, four numbers from The 'Mighty' Fall's canon.

O, we all did laugh at such good fun.

Where's all the fun gone?

Sonic Youth - BBC Radio 1, Peel Session, October 1988.

Psycho Mafia
My New House
Rowche Rumble

Decent cassette rip @320kbs
Get Youth a Peel here

Thanks go to Ian for YouthFall cooperation.


Bernie Stocks said...

I got Daydream Nation after seeing it get 5-star reviews. Apart from 'Hey Joni' I couldn't have it all. Love 'Dirty'. Funny.

YoungMossTongue said...

one of the be... EST (sung in an Ivor Cutler fashion)

Anonymous said...

Great to hear this tape again all cleaned up. :)

moonfang said...

Funnily enough, Daydream Nation is my favourite album by them! Followed by Evol and Sister, I was left disappointed by Goo which I thought was too polished saw them at Reading '91 (now that was a great line -up!)

icastico said...

My two cents. Daydream Nation suffered from being released in the shadow of Sister (easily their best, imho). That said, there are some really nice moments on it. ("Give us a kiss!!!!)

roy rocket said...


Contentious that 'Daydream Nation' jibe.
I always felt their best was the 'Ciccone Youth' album; that 'Into the Groovy' just kills me. roy