Saturday, 21 August 2010

Knock For Knock

A reQuest.

Great dramatic interpretation of the six hundred year old Gawain poem, resuscitated by the Promethean skill of Simon Armitage, and realized by the BBC.

Armitage cleverly retains the alliterative style of the original anonymous Middle English text, updating the language without losing original meanings and nuance: "Born one blow without bottling out", for example.

The tale contains everything you could want from a story: partying, drinking, beheading games and ultra-violence, a quest, magic, drinking, romance, suspense and more drinking.

But at its heart is a tale of chivalry, courtliness, courage and honour; in fact, so many concepts we consider as being a bit shit in our self-abasing, self-promoting society.

Armitage's words are uttered by the most competent Sir Ian McKellan who narrates; Sam West who ventiloquizes Sir Gawain; David Fleeshman as The Green Knight and Deborah McAndrew as The Lady.

Sir Gawain and The Green Knight
Originally broadcast by the BBC on BBC Radio 4, 21/12/06.

Ripped from DVD captured broadcast @320kbs to single mp3 (45 mins)
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