Friday, 6 August 2010


Bukowski said if he'd been born a woman he would have been a prostitute.

Well, if I'd been born a woman I would have wanted to be a Trashwoman.

Or at least a close approximation of.

Without doubt The Trashwomen are my favourite of the trashy-post-punk-garage-surf-rockabilly [is rockabilly gendered?] bands; they knocked spots off so many of their better known contemporaries.

And here's their debut album, capturing them at their best.
Every track's a killer. But just check out 'Justine', one of the best punk-surf tunes ever.

Their signature 'I'm Trash' is a raucous, rousing call to the depraved everywhere.
You'll soon be hooked; singing along, and wishing, like me, that you'd been a Trashwoman too.

The Trashwomen - Spend the Night With The Trashwomen (1993)

Daddy Love
Peter Gunn
Date's On Me
Nightmare at the Drag
Sling Rave Curvette
Space Needle
Cum On Baby
I'm Trash

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Spend some time with The Trashwomen here


icastico said...

This one is Jonny Cat approved.

harleytexas said...

great album, do you have any others?

roy rocket said...

Coming soon...