Sunday, 22 August 2010

Stand Up Now, Stand Up Now

A bit more culture coming atcha.
But this time Kul-Cha! with a capital K.

Attila the Stockbroker, a couple of years ago, accidentally performed a gig in my near vicinity.
He got the booking muddled up apparently.
He thought he was going to play in a city that just so happens to have the same name as the small village he ended up playing in.

There's a lot of that in Wales.
It's almost as if they [who?] had a finite amount of potential place names for Wales, and once used up, well, they just used them again.
I mean, shouldn't cause a problem...

Well it did, fortunately for me and about fifty others, and Attila stuck to his word and fulfilled the gig.
(His problem came down to distance.
The gig he thought he was going to perform is about half way from London to the gig he did perform; furthering his journey by approximately two hours.
Wales is very wide at its thickest.)

It was at that gig that I acquired this DVD.
A 2004 recording of Attila captured in Chicago whilst touring North America with politico minstrel David Rovics.

Nothing is lost by this being an audio rip - the set is awful: a reflecting window to the side of the stage, filmed by a static camera - and of course Attila is all about language anyway.

Excellent show this; Attila giving a great performance; a political ambassador who's actually worth listening to.

Of course the zeitgeist is Attila's muse, but six years hasn't changed or reshaped the world too much.
And any poet who's able to make Guy Fawkes and Aneurin Bevan relevant ('Guy Fawkes' Table') in a polemic against New Labour isn't going to become obsolete in half a decade now, are they?

"Aneurin Bevan, your party's dead
And the time for a new one is nigh.
Will the last person Left please turn out the lights
New Labour, just fuck off and die."

Boy, it raised a cheer when Attila performed 'Guy Fawkes' Table' down in that little Welsh village... O yes.

Attila the Stockbroker - Live at The Heartland Cafe (2004)

Intro (David Rovics)
Death of a Salesman
Baghdad Ska
Guy Fawkes' Table
Commandante Joe
My Poetic License
Asylum Seeking Daleks
Punk Night at The Duck's Nuts
North Korea Mourns Comrade Mickey Finn of T. Rex
Every Time I Eat Vegetables
The Bible According to Rupert Murdoch
Hey, Celebrity!
Old Teenagers
Blood For Oil/Oil Power
Libyan Students From Hell!

Audio rip from DVD @320kbs
Fuck Capitalism here

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