Thursday, 8 March 2012


Apologies for my recent lack of activity, but I have been kind of busy; not only with that little thing called life, but also upping a load of music to the new 'cloud' Mediafire have produced.

So, driven by what I want to be available on this site; what others have requested; the most popularly visited posts; and a few things that I believe are unique, only available here (probably...), here is the first of a list of Resurrected Remnants: Resurrected Remnants #1.

Firstly, as mentioned in previous post, both New Age Steppers' albums are available: Foundation Steppers and Action Battlefield; three Ween albums: Live in Chicago (2003), Live 91-92, and their unreleased, if that doesn't sound too paradoxical, Craters of the Sac; Gong's magnificent Virgin released Gong Live etc; Pixies Live at Newcastle Poly, 1989; Inner City Unit's President Tapes; my take on the Performance Soundtrack (including unique samples from the movie); Country Joe's Paradise With an Ocean View; H.K. Gruber's magnificent and entirely unique listening experience Frankenstein!!; The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain's Prom performance from 2009; Stewed to the Gills by Gaye Bykers on Acid; the unbelievably overlooked Without Judgement by Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart; the brilliant, and again very absurdly overlooked, Talk like a Whelk, by Bristol's finest:Shoes For Industry; The Residents' and Snakefinger's Duck Stab; and speaking of Snakefinger, there's his History of the Blues and the fantastic boot: Melbourne University, 1980; the two finest albums from Zappa's old band members The Grandmothers: A Mother of Anthology and Looking Up Granny's Dress; Little Richard's The Wild and Frantic Little Richard, including a separate link to allow a comparison between Little Richard's 'Directly From My Heart to You' and Zappa's Mothers' version; and speaking of Zappa, it's the Mothers of Invention that ends the list, with their hip take on doo-wop: Ruben & the Jets, vinyl version, not that nasty CD reissue.

So, something there for everybody.
Check it out; especially stuff you maybe haven't encountered; you never know....
Nothing wrong with the odd epiphany every now and then.

On a closing note, if this cloud thing dissolves, and links are lost again, well, I think I'll go back to making C-90s for mates.
Aah, them were the days.

Shanti, roy


tommy said...

Brilliant stuff sir. Snakefinger AND Jah Wobble in the same place. Top. Keep up the excellent work.

Anonymous said...

Guess i best check out the Virgin Gong nowadays. Thanks Roy! "them were the days"!

Kevin said...

ahhh, i'm so glad you are back!!! and some excellent reups!

word of caution... mediafire has been suspending accounts recently. i had mine shut down abruptly. i only had 2 takedown notices in the past 4 years. so, that sucked. i'm thinking of the passworded mediafire option.

thanks for the great tunes!

roy rocket said...

We hedge our bets; take our chances.
To rely on others is always precarious.

Thanks for your words. roy