Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sound Off

It's rare for me to post without a link, but my goat has been so badly got I felt I just had to say something.

A new New Age Steppers album has been released, not that too many people would know; but it's an important release, being Ari Up's swan song.

Adrian Sherwood went out to Jamaica to work with Ari, to lay down some final tracks before her illness really got a hold.
The result is Love Forever; a superb album, the best so far this year I think, and a very worthy signing off from one of the most important female artists ever to have worked in music.

I find it ludicrous, as well as incredibly sad, that so-called "serious" newspapers like The Independent promote bollocks like The fucking Ting Tings by awarding their recent album five stars, yet fail to even acknowledge Ari Up's posthumous release.
And it's not just The Independent who are guilty of this obscene omission; I haven't seen a single review of this album anywhere in the mainstream media; neither have I heard any airplay (just goes to show what an enormous void the loss of John Peel created!).

For fuck's sake download it, find it on the torrents, or even better, buy it - hopefully On-U-Sounds are moral enough to make sure Ari's kids gain something from it.

Take it from me - if my opinion is worth anything - it's a great album; one that is well worthy of such a great musician, and a powerful piece of closure to a superb body of work.

If you don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, go here for older Steppers' albums, both with new working links.

'Love Forever' was how Ari used to sign off her letters.
Kind of sums her right up.
For you, Ari: Love Forever.

Thanks for your time.
Shanti, roy


Taco said...

i'll be that guy. i've never really heard of these girls/guys. but your enthusiasm for the project has piqued my curiosity. the youtubes are good. i'll check the older posts/downloads. and will likely purchase the albums based on the youtubes. thanks for keeping us in the know. again. you rule.

Si said...

I hear you Roy - it can be so frustrating when such crucial and searching talent as On U et al are overlooked by the mainstream - very irksome. Anyway, please see the attached pdf I made especially for you in a bid to lift your spirits somewhat - it's from todays Metro newspaper. Not sure what the circulation is - but am told it's immense, so maybe this will go someway to alerting people to Ari's swansong.

All the best

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL POST!!! i'm in total agreement with you roy... it's a great album. i went out and bought it on release, as yourself i'm a huge stepper/ari/slits fan. i went to a lovely ari tribute nite here in briz awhile back, which was really heart warming & great music too. Long live aqri up!!! xx

roy rocket said...

Thanks for the comments - I'm glad you agree, and I didn't merely come across as some crazy old curmudgeon.

Thanks for the link, Si, and I certainly recommend others to have a look.
'Metro' is free press, available mainly at underground stations and other public transport stations.
It's part of Associated Press, yes, those that put together the Satanic 'Daily Mail' [!].

Never fails to baffle me the British media - why here and not in The Guardian or Observer or Indy?
It's a very weird world.

But thanks again for the head's up, and alleviating some of my angst ;) roy

Longy said...

Great post Roy. Well said indeed sir.