Sunday, 27 June 2010

Rude Boys

Apologies for my absence - just in case anyone is interested - time wasted, I'm afraid: merely wasted.

Anyhow, to get things rolling again I thought I'd post something with some real balls.

This album could be considered Ween's Smile, so to speak; and there are various versions as to how it came about, and eventually, unofficially, released.

Leaked on to the net by Dean Ween, perhaps; ironically it is now quite hard to track down, so I figured I'd make it available again

This isn't really the best place to start if you are a Ween virgin - my previous Ween post would probably be a better way in, preparing you for a good run up to this little collection.

Even for a Ween album, the profanity rating here is incredibly high - the titles kind of give that away - and as Exile on Main St. was essentially Keef's album, this is most certainly Deaner's album.

Always the most profane of the Weeners, on this album there's no holding back; not that it debases the quality of the music; this, as with all of Ween's material, is superbly executed, including some wicked twisted funk numbers, concluding with a manic-Prince-like version of 'Monique the Freak'.

Several of the tracks collected here do appear in different forms on the officially released Shinola Vol. 1; but in my opinion this is a far more coherent and superior collection, making for a much better album.
More akin to God Ween Satan than any of their later releases.
And for me, that makes this one of their best.

Ween - Craters of the Sac (1999)

All That's Gold Will Turn to Brown
The Pawns of War
Big Fat Fuck
Put the Coke on My Dick
Making Love in the Gravy
How High Can You Fly?
The Stallion, pt 5
Sucking Blood - From the Devil's Dick
Monique the Freak

Excellent cassette rip @320kbs
Embrace the sac here


teifidancer said...

nice, looking very tasty
regards. I like a bit of Ween you know!

-d said...

Ween's "Smile". Excellent description. You always nail it!

roy rocket said...

Link fixed!