Saturday, 24 March 2012


Fulfilling a request - prompted by the last post - and satisfying an urge for a hit of nostalgia, this live recording from '93 is rather hard to find nowadays.
Released initially as mail order only - a mere 1,000 were made (re-released soon after due to popular demand, but again limited: 5,000 this time) - this superb recording captures Spiritualized in L.A and Frisco during their 1992 tour.

Gorgeous - the best - version of 'Medication', and a gloriously stretched performance of 'Shine a Light', featuring two, yes two, of those classic, bombastic Spiritualized crescendos.

(Can't help thinking of Hawkwind - no bad thing - when the sax joins the party!)

Party on!

Spiritualized - Fucked Up Inside (1993)

Take Good Care of It
I Want You
Angel Sigh
Walking With Jesus
Shine a light (Clear Light/Clear Rush)

CD rip.
Prescribed dose here


Sage said...

Just what the Dr ordered.

Nice one Roy.


Ritz said...

Aw man this is the only one I never had. I think I had it digitally a couple years ago. Spiritualized are always better live, though I do like listening to most of their studio efforts. Seeing them in a little over a month; I GREATLY appreciate this one thanks!

roy rocket said...


Digging their latest?
We are.

Carlos said...

Ohh men, i'd like to thank you a lot for this post. Sended from heaven.

roy rocket said...