Monday, 12 December 2011

With Ease

On their route to oblivion, the Bykers proceeded down the path made hip by Gibby and Jeff's away from the Butthole Surfers' Jackofficers' project.

The transition in sound is linear, moving from hip psychedelia to stretched out dancey electronica.

E became a big part of the mix: blissing out the edge, lushing up the production.
Gaye Bykers on Acid never sounded so progressive.

(Good for playing spot the sample.
The Osmonds, eh, who'd have thought....)

Gaye Bykers on Acid - Pernicious Nonsense (1990)

Disinformation Rise & Shine
Flowered Up
Iguana Trifle
Killer Teens in New Orleans
Falling Fruit
Radiation/John Wayne Was a Fag

Delicious vinyl rip @320kbs
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Mwncïod said...

I've still got and wear my original purple PFX t.shirt although after 20 odd years now it's a snugger fit. Pernicious Nonsense was always a bit of a hit 'n' miss noisy mess not as polished as say, PWEI's indie to techno transition or end product. You're spot on about the "spot-the-sample" because they certainly managed to cram a helluva lot of musical pop-cultural junk in there: Crazy Horses; The Smiths etc.

Grebo Guru said...

one of my favourite records of all time. OF ALL TIME! On a trip to the UK for my honeymoon, my goal was to find a good vinyl copy of this masterpiece (which I'd only owned on CD) - happy to say I was met with success. I do wish the Bykers had carried-on, they were ahead of their time in so many ways.
Your blog is excellent, as always.

David said...

Hi, any chance of a re-up of this? The current site leads to a dodgy looking .exe downloader.... Thanks!

roy rocket said...

@David, still want this...?