Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Up the Pinks!

Fine retrospective of the first three Fairies' albums, plus the elusive single release 'The Snake'.

Darlings of freaks and Angels, Pink Fairies, who evolved out of the demise of The Deviants, were a massive part of the early-seventies stoner scene.
Their first two albums, Never Never Land (1971) and What a Bunch of Sweeties (1972) are both psychedelic boogie classics; iconic freak outs, peppered with acid-drenched ballads and riffs as hard as Sabbath's.

By the time the third album came around (Kings of Oblivion (1973)) the band had changed somewhat.
Larry Wallis now fronted. A different sound greeted the ears, one with a much harder edge (he would soon leave and get together with Lemmy to form Motorhead; taking 'City Kids' with him) and with a great deal more maturity.

Although I'm not entirely sure it suited them.

Pink Fairies - Flashback (1975)

The Snake
City Kids
Portobello Road
Heavenly Man
Do It
Pigs of Uranus
Well Well Well
Chromium Plating
I Went Up I Went Down
Say You Love Me
Street Urchin

Decent rip from cassette @320kbs
Pinkies here


si said...

Nice one Roy - I've not heard any pink fairies for yonks so quite looking forward to this.

All the best

roy rocket said...

Backatcha! enjoy. roy

A Dashing Blade said...

Excellent post!

infinite fool said...

Digging this as we speak. Peace on you, good will to yours.

Anonymous said...

I had a copy of this in the 80s and I thought it was just called "Pink Fairies". So does Discogs. Import or something?

roy rocket said...

'Flashbacks' was the name Polydor gave to the series.
They were essentially samplers of their artists' previous albums.
There's loads of them - although the only other one that comes to mind right at this moment is Rory Gallagher; but then I haven't got me finking ed on.
They're identifiable by the transparency-like pics they all have as cover art.