Saturday, 17 December 2011


Deeply eefected by the zeitgeist, The Shamen, in a manner McKenna would have highly approved of, lurched more than evolved from post-psychedelic, ragamuffin minstrels to neo-psychedelic, synth-enthused musoes; dedicating their second album to their new found joy in new found perspectives.
An anthem to E, basically.
One that was far more interesting than the more successful homage that was to follow.

Agitprop with beats.
Trippy layers and textures.
A Monkees' cover.
Samples from the right, from the wrong, from Star Trek.

Funny drug, E.
The more they indulged the more commercial they sounded.
'Ebeneezer Goode'!
They must have been off their tits!

The Shamen - In Gorbachev We Trust (1989)

Sweet Young Thing
Raspberry Infundibulum
War Prayer
Adam Strange
Jesus Loves Amerika
In Gorbachev We Trust

Decent vinyl rip @320kbs
Shamanic beats here


Mwncïod said...

Ah, The Shamen's In Gorbachev We Trust - the first shiny Space 1999 futuristic CD I ever bought way back in the arse end of the 1980s from King's Lynn's Andys Records (uhm, one again, remember them?!) Think my favorite track was "Jesus Loves Amerika" and used to like The Shamen Will Sin era (RIP) and hated 'em Mr C but maybe I was just getting older?

Sage said...

An excellent album from what was at the time an exciting and original band - their live showas were something else and were as much about Acid as they were about E.

All went rapidly downhill as Will passed away, Mr Crap started to rap over every track and the tenny boppers jumped on the bandwagon.

Captain Trips said...

There were a couple of more tracks on the version I had, I particularly remember 'Mayhew Speaks Out' which featured a sample of MP Christopher Mayhew taking mescaline on TV and describing his trip.

roy rocket said...

There is a stretched version.
I've seen the Mayhew thing on TV; it's bound to be on YouTube. Funny.