Saturday, 24 December 2011


In homage to the spaciest of space rockers, the Sonic Attack trilogy includes six bands covering six classic Hawkwind numbers.
Originally released as three split 7" singles, together, like a serialized Dickens, they make the perfect whole.

All is mimetic, refusing to deviate from what is expected.
Mudhoney do drag the urban guerrilla up out of the basement and out into the garage, but that, really, meets all presumptions.

As a result of all the heavy riff action, throbbing bass lines and oscillations worthy of Del Dettmar himself, Bardo Pond probably come out on top, but it's all very tasty fun and bound to go down a storm once you've had enough of Bing Crosby and Band Aid.

Right, I'm off for a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine...
Merry Christmas & Appy Olidays!

Various Artists - Sonic Attack (2008)


Mudhoney - Urban Guerrilla
Mugstar - Born To Go

Psychedelic Warlords:

Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno - Brainstorm
White Hills - Be Yourself

Lords of Light:

Kinski - Master of the Universe
Bardo Pond - Lord of Light

Excellent CDR rip of ripped vinyl @320kbs
Space out here



This is a total WOW. x

uncle harry said...

I got this largely because I love White Hills. But after hearing it the best track for me was Lord of Light by Bardo Pond. After a fiddly bit at the start I thought ooh! boring but then it kicked in and kept up a psych-jam grooove I just had to listen to again and again. Total surprise!
Love the blog, ta.
Will look in again for more Pink Fairies, Here & Now & Gong.

roy rocket said...

Groovy. roy