Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Four Stumps Good

To complete the set, here's Stump's debut e.p. release.
Their first utterances a twisted paean to subversive oddball Wilhelm Reich: orgone in sound.

As a whole, more proggy than their later post-punk releases, but the boy is always evident in the man.

Stump - Mud on a Colon (1986)

Orgasm Way
Ice the Levant
Grab Hands

CD rip to mp3s
Irrigation here


devotionalhooligan said...

nice post mate, i was always a bit disappointed w/ their Fierce Pancake LP but the Quirk Out mini LP,EPs and peel sessions always made up for it!!! my first exposure to stump was them supporting hawkwind probably around the time of this release & i was completely converted. :))) xx

roy rocket said...

Yeah, 'A Fierce Pancake' took everyone by surprise a bit, but 'Charlton Heston' & 'Eager Bereaver' still get me.
There's also the sentiment; listening to it takes me back - harp sounds, harp sounds, fade - one of the best gigs, Stump, Ed Barton, Dingwalls. Bonkers.

Good to hear from ya. roy