Friday, 24 December 2010


There aren't enough surprises in life anymore - but here's one for ya.

This is what I'll be listening to while unwrapping my pressies, and I'd like to share it with you, all in keeping with the spirit of peace and goodwill.

I'm not going to tell you what's on it - that's where the surprise element comes in - you'll just have to trust me on this one.
You do trust me, don't you...?

So grab yourself some fun: grab my alternative Christmas mix here
And have yourself a very merry Christmas.

I'll pop the track list in comments when I'm sober.

Nadolig Llawen!


roy rocket said...

Just in case anyone's interested:

Blue Christmas - ?
We Three Kings - The Swingle Sisters
I'll Be Home For Christmas - Dread Zeppelin
Santa Baby - Marilyn Monroe
Jingle Bells - Woody Phillips
Love For Christmas - The Gems
All I Want for Christmas is a Beatle - Dora Bryan
Frosty the Snowman - The Ventures
Christmas Carols by the Old C - Tex Ritter
Space Christmas - Shonen Knife
What can you get a Wookie for Christmas - Star Wars Stars
We Three Bings - Three Bings
Noel - The Diskettes
Santa - Lightning Hopkins
Hooray for Santa Claus - Milton DeLugg & the Little Eskimos
Jingle Bells - Booker T and the M.G.s
What Will Santa Claus Say (When he Finds Everybody Swingin'? - Louis Jordan
Christmas Baby - Wall of Sound
Christmas Island - Bob Atcher & The Dining Sisters
Christmas Gone Got Funky - Jimmy Jules
We Three Kings - Cuba L.A.
At the Christmas Ball - Bessie Smith
Merry Christmas Baby - Southern Culture on the Skids
Santa to the Moon - Sonny Cole
Christmas Blues - Canned Heat
The Merriest - June Christy
I Wanna Spend Christmas With Elvis - Marlene Paul
Christmas Time - Dread Zeppelin
Christmas Message - Elvis Presley
Let It Snow - George Takai

Play it next year

Anonymous said...

I will come to download this, in about eleven months :) Thanks for the tracklist.

roy rocket said...

Well, let's just hope it and us are still here.
Merry Christmas! (First!) roy

Anonymous said...

yes, it's still here. Great piece of kitsch, thanks - melly crimbo

roy rocket said...


Anonymous said...

Lucky! Found this on Dec 3, 2011 while searching for Green on Red (thanks for that too!). Gonna play the hell out of this this month. Great setlist!

Have a happy and peaceful holiday season.

Anonymous said...

And check this link
for an answer to your Blue Christmas ? in the setlist. Can't vouch for the accuracy, of course. It's the internets...

roy rocket said...

Sounds too bonkers to be the porky one; and that laugh accompanying it doesn't seem very Loony Tunes.
Could be wrong though....
Enjoy, roy

Anonymous said...

Heh. Far as I can determine, it was recorded live and the laugh was some drunk somebody in the audience? Still has cracked up everyone I've played it for. Gracias!

In hopes of another comp this year I suggest

Happy Flowers - All I got were clothes for Christmas from the "God's Favorite Dog" compilation

Butthole Surfers - Good King Wenceslas if you can find it

Some guy named Perry from Houston did a wicked "I'm Having a Depressed Christmas" that was released in the mid-80s(?) on a single. That will be impossible, but it was wicked...

Thanks for all the great music! Yer rocking my holidays!

roy rocket said...

'Holidays'! Man, you're keen!
Glad you like; as for another comp... roy

Anonymous said...

Er... you are prob'ly looking for the Culturcide cut (Perry was their lead singer/muse). It might could be found on a comp called "Merry Fuckin' Christmas with James Brown"...

Love the site. Keep it up! World needs more music blogs like this.