Friday, 3 December 2010


It was twenty years ago Primal Scream recorded their seminal album Screamadelica, and it was seven days ago they performed the album in its entirety at London's Olympia Stadium.

Thankfully the world's greatest PSB outfit, the BBC, broadcast it, allowing me to catch it, rip it and share it with you.

I've even made a cover!
(Who said Humanity's dead?)

Primal Scream live as an experience depends entirely on their somewhat unpredictable front man Bobby Gillespie.
But he was on his very best behaviour - I don't think he even swore - however, that didn't prevent the BBC announcer squeezing in a warning as often as possible alerting the listener that they may be confronted with 'the strongest of language and adult themes'!

(I know.
It did seem rather paranoid.
I'm sure BBC6's demographic could handle anything Gillespie mentioned.

Cem and I worked out that what the BBC were most anxious about was the overt drug referencing; but hey, that's the songs; and one would assume we've come a long way since the BBC banned 'A Day in the Life'.

Still, best to be cautious when it's a Murdoch associated Tory government deciding as to whether 'Auntie' continues to receive its funding....)

The other striking factor about Gillespie's performance is that he sounds exactly the same: still the breathy, staccato, Scottish/American [?], speed fueled delivery; although it is a little painful hearing him get through 'Damage'; but to be fair, it's probably not a song they regularly include in their set list.

Strangely, they played around with the order of tracks, breaking the continuity the audience is so familiar with.
But this did allow for an enormoulsy upbeat ending, as the band closed with the two anthems 'Loaded' and 'Come Together', leaving the listener dizzy but undoubtedly aurally gratified.

Lots of bands are doing this now: taking to the road with their albums as set lists.
Some are even taking to the road with other band's albums as set lists; and I'm not just talking lookalikees or soundalikees.
More evidence, perhaps, that recorded music is moribund; over and done with; on a commercial level, at least.

But while these bands are still standing, they'll keep playing.
I mean, what else can they do...?

Primal Scream - Screamadelica Live, Olympia, London. 26/11/10

Movin' On Up
Slip Inside This House
Don't Fight It, Feel It
I'm Comin' Down
Shine Like Stars
Inner Flight
Higher than the Sun
Come Together

Ripped from DVD recorded digital broadcast @320kbs
Get Primal here


Dermot said...

Thanks. This is going to make my mate Pat very happy. Enjoy you blog.

Keir said...

Great stuff, thanks! Although I agree with whoever it was that first said it was ironic that Mani had a go at Peter Hook for trading on past glories just before going off to rehearse Screamadelica with Primal Scream, who he wasn't even in at the time of the original!

Jus said...

Thanks for this. Sounds awesome! And I think Bobby does a great job on Damaged!

Jus said...

By the way, does your Don't Fight It Feel It have a bit of a glitch in it? The only flaw in this otherwise brilliant performance!

roy rocket said...

Hadn't noticed any sound problems, but I haven't checked the download. Obviously.

If there's a confirmation - just in case your download was glitched rather than the file - I'll re-up it.

Mani, yeah, he is funny; but in a nicely post-modern way he's able to trade on the glories of others and somehow take ownership of them.

Regards, roy