Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ooooh Weee Ooooh

As a supplement to the electronica pieces coming up, here's a tasty little radio doc that reveals the amazing story of Leon Theremin: electronic wizard, musician, spy, and inventor of the curious instrument that adopted his name.

With a contained enthusiasm, British musician, actor and comic, Bill Bailey, unravels Theremin's biography with some excellent clips and bites, as well as utilising the help of various talking heads from the worlds of music, electronics and espionage.

O yeah, and a poet.

With his sardonic take, John Hegley performs a theremin accompanied poem in homage to the wibbly-wobbly sound generator, bringing this entertainingly informative piece to a perfect end.

Good Vibrations: The story of Leon Theremin
Narrated by Bill Bailey (30 mins)

Ripped from cassette captured broadcast @320kbs
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NXP said...

Any chance you can upload this again???

roy rocket said...

No need.
Click on the 'here' link at the foot of the post, and once arrived at the 'Multiupload' page, scroll down, past the 'Rapidshare' link and the ad, and click on the 'Megaupload' link.
It's still live; I just checked.

Enjoy, roy

NXP said...

Many thanx for the download info and yes it was still alive :-)