Friday, 10 December 2010

Wot, No Foetus!

Suffering another attack from the DMCA - telling me that complaints have been made to Blogger; so posts have been removed, comments lost and links deleted - I presumed it would concern those such as Primal Scream or Oasis, but no: Black Uhuru and Foetus!

So now I have no Foetus on my blog (O I do hope you all managed to grab those out of print and well deleted 12" vinyl rips), and I empathise more with those bloggers who have given up; making music available through Pirate Bay or one of the other torrent platforms (Bah!).

Still, not gonna go on about it.



Anonymous said...

I asked you some time ago to serve us rips at a better then 128kbps quality.

I did buy 'Hole' in 1984. It was difficult for me to get hold of Foetus albums those days.

I HATE CD'reissues. Mainly because the most of time awfull remastering. At least to my ears.

I would welcome Foetus in a vinylbox, though.

Jim T was better than Lennon.

roy rocket said...

Yeah right...
I had put my Foetal posts up @320


Funny you should mention Lennon, though...
See above.

teifidancer said...

you tell them Mr Rocket, miserable so and so's. Fight the power. laters.xx

. said...

If de verbaasde kabouter can tell the difference between 128 and (say) 320 kbps *using his ears only*, he'll be the only human who can. It's just not possible. These guys don't listen to music - they count it. Fucking beancounters!

Anonymous said...

If de verbaasde kabouter can tell the difference between 128 and (say) 320 kbps *using his ears only*

Don't worry. One actually can.

You don't need to be that rude, mr of mrs .said - It wasn't me who voted lib dems.

It's all about transparency. And some decent cabling and soundcard, of course.

Some great reading: Newsweek Calls Out R.E.M.'s "iPod Ready" Fables Reissue.

Anyway, I'd like to wish mr Rocketremnant and followers a very merry Xmas and a happy new year.

roy rocket said...

And the same to you, de verbaasde kabouter, stay cool & keep warm.

That told you, Dotty!

A significant difference between a 128 & a 320 can certainly be heard at high volume, as you can't play a 128 at high volume: it turns to water.

Anonymous said...

Even at very low volume, Roy, 128 sounds harsh. I like SWANS (Cop), Sonic Youth,... f.e. at low volume even more.

OGG would be a better alternative, but you have to install special software to listen to those files in iTunes, and everybody seems to listen via iTunes.

Nevermind, I really like your remnants and hope you will be sober soon, so I can check whether to download your Xmasmix or not.

Greetings from La Belgique!

roy rocket said...

I have considered OGG files, and I've even contemplated using Ape files (I love the monkey-ness), but as you say, software needed, and I'm not sure there are many that are really that bothered.

Christmas mix list coming soon. Hic