Monday, 3 January 2011

Stronger Than A Moose

White Rabbits!
Oops, bit slow off the mark with that one, but there you are: life and all that....

To get the new year off to a flying start, here is something that is both original and unique; original in it's own way and unique as a product/download/whatever.
For here is Boosh music.
That being all the music from The Mighty Boosh's TV shows; and when strung together makes for one heck of a gloriously, surreal - but incredibly infectious - absurd audio montage.

Featuring all the Boosh regulars: Howard & Vince (our heroes), Bollo (a spliffed out gorilla), Nabu (a blissed out shaman),

as well as some excellent guest performances from Milkie Joe & The Coconuts, Sammy the Crab, Rudy, Bob Fossil, The Hitcher [with his solo-polo vision], The Mod Wolves and others too numerous (or far out) to name or mention.

With their tripped-out, stoner-styled humour, Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding pick up the English absurd baton (think of The Goons, Python, The Goodies, The Young Ones) and run with it.
Their music was really the highlight of each episode. Incorporating a Ween/Zappa/Devo/Beastie Boys' style, they twist funk, rap, punk, electro, folk and prog with ease; if anything, leaving the listener wanting more as few of the songs are longer than two minutes.

If you haven't experienced the Boosh for yourself, check it out on YouTube; but really, the Boosh was at its best before it engaged with the world of television: practicing absurdities on radio.
Fortunately, their radio shows are still available, and if you gravitate towards English surreal humour you've got to give them a listen.

But for now, here's their music.
Dress up and dance.
Like a wolf. Like a wolf!

Series 1

Mod Wolves
Ape of Death
The Shamen
The Tundra Rap
The Hitcher

Series 2

Yeti Magic
Searching for the New Sound
Rudy's Quest
Spider Lovin'
El Sondio Nuevo
The Chosen One
The Soup Song
Love Games
Sea Funk
Milkie Joe & The Coconuts

Series 3

Eels (A Pie & Mash Up)
I Did a Shit on Your Mum
Future Sailors
Looking Backwards
The Crimp
A Higher Place
Bouncey Bouncey
Sammy The Crab
It's What's Inside That Counts

Ripped from DVDs @320kbs
booshmusic here



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I'm up for this. Thanks!

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Oh dear dear dear. You've fallen into the trap.

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My God!!!