Saturday, 2 June 2012


So Gener's decided after twenty-five years to call it a day.
Ween is no more.

(Why does everything have to die, Mummy?
If things don't die albums such as La Cucaracha get released.)

Okay, it's hard to maintain true greatness for a quarter of a century.
Yeah, it was inevitable, really.

Perhaps the last half decent studio album Ween produced was White Pepper. True, it's hardly God Ween Satan and not a patch on The Pod, but it did rouse interest.

This collection of demos offers an alternative listen to White Pepper, and mainly due to the live feel and heavier sound, achieves what could be a more satisfying listen (the absence of 'Bananas and Blow' only endorses that).

'The Grobe' never sounded so mean; and with the clarity of the vocal, so bizarre!
If I had any clout or influence, which I most certainly do not, 'The Grobe' should be promoted to every number one slot around the planet, as a true act in memoriam.

And if 'Back to Basom' fails to move - you got no soul!
Let it wash...!

Ween - The White Pepper Demos (1997)

Stay Forever
Even If You Don't
The Grobe
Stoker Ace
She Caught My Fancy
Pandy Fackler
She's Your Baby
Falling Out
Ice Castles
Back to Basom

CD rip
Gain Peppery goodness here

But if it's a more representative product of the older sounding Ween you crave, this captured Internet performance may well be right up your alley.

A request show broadcast on the web in 2003; Ween have a ball, making for a most entertaining and enthralling experience.

Not only are some of their greatest songs exquisitely executed, but the listener gets the chance to hear a full battalion of Stallions, as all five versions (yes, five!) are trotted out and paraded in all their splendour.

Imperative; Ween fan or not (as if...).

Ween - All Request Live (2003)

Happy Coloured Marbles
The Stallion Part 1
The Stallion Part 2
The Stallion Part 3
The Stallion Part 4
The Stallion Part 5
Demon Sweat
Cover It With Gas and Set It On Fire
Awesome Sound
Cold blows the Wind
Pollo Asado
Tried and True
Stay Forever
Where'd the Cheese Go?

CD rip
Locate the cheese here

Other Ween goodies still live and kicking are Axis Bold as Boognish, their first proper release (cassette only) from back in 87; live recordings from 91 & 92 captured At The Cat's Cradle and beyond; Ween's Peel Sessions from 92 & 93; their lost 1999 album Craters of the Sac, Deaner's delight; and the tastefully recorded Chicago Concerts from 2003.

Something Brown for everybody. Check 'em out.

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