Thursday, 24 May 2012


The passionate cries of Albion's residual voice screamed out in opposition to the Iron Lady's whim.

Mainly quiet times publicly for RH - highly unfashionable during those yuppie years - privately: enthused, energised, with plenty to moan about.

'Short and Sweet' in all its glory, as Roy intended (pop version emerged on Gilmour's first L.P.); 'Hangman' heavier than Anathema could ever Hope for or muster.

Solo and with others, a fine encapsulation of the alternative voice of Merry England.
O, for one of those days.

Roy Harper - In Between Every Line (1986)

One of Those Days in England
Short and Sweet
Highway Blues
True Story
The Game
One Man Rock and Roll Band

Decent vinyl rip @320kbs (some crackle and pop, mainly during the quiet bits)

Cop Lines here

Going back even further; RH on top form; exemplified by neat compilation from early recordings; original post here, with new link.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these Roy Harper LP rips! Being an american, i haven't heard enough of his extensive back catalog so this is great as a helper. (Only had HQ) In Between Every Line is quite interesting to me as it is live stuff from the 1980's, a period i have heard nothing from Roy's music--let alone live stuff! Much appreciated!!!

roy rocket said...

'Whatever Happened to Jugula?' is Roy's big album of the eighties; the one Jimmy Page played a part in; the one that looks like a red, roachable rizla pack.

Hope you enjoy these - the comp especially is dead essential. roy