Tuesday, 26 June 2012


A divisive piece this for my penultimate post.
It has been known to raise conflict; not the best choice to play at a dinner party with your in-laws. Apparently.

Yep, you either love it or you hate it; give it love or give it disdain: it has no desire to be tolerated.
Personally I think it's a gas; just the kind of audacious noise you'd expect from people who like this:

Better than The White Stripes, better than The Ting Tings, better than the Kills; here was a mixed gender duo who really should have gained more attention; this still has the power to surprise and thrill.
(Never heard 'Crack Attack'? You're in for a treat!)

Big Stick - Crack 'N' Drag (1988)

Crack Attack
Crack Attack (Remix)
Billy Jack Paddy Wack
I'm Amazed
Friends & Cars
Shoot the President
Drag Racing
I Look Like Shit
Hell on Earth
Jesus Was Born (on an Indian Reservation)

Decent vinyl rip @320kbs
Get Sticky here


Syd Barrett said...

lovely post my friend!

hope all is well...


Syd Barrett said...

oh, my dog is called Syd Barrett... he may be starting his own blog at some point... mainly about food (he's a black lab)... we'll see...


roy rocket said...

Fair to middlin'...

My trio of lurchers - who love food - are excited at the prospect.
As am I. roy ; )