Monday, 11 June 2012

Resurrection 3

Sorry for the prolonged atrophy occurring here - the complete opposite of what I intended - but it limps on; totally fucked but not dead yet, as they say.

Out of the whiff of decay comes the last batch of revived, Lazarus-like links: fulfilling requests, righting some wrongs and generally adding colour.

So this time we start with some live Bach flavoured jazz with Jacques Loussier and his nifty Trio; diversity abound as next up is my favourite Sabbaff boot Megalomaniac Architect. Where the reason Ozzy is who he is can be found - just in case you were wondering....
There's also the greatest recording from a band you've never heard of, the magical Softwood Music: Under Slow Pillars, by one of Finland's best kept secrets: Sielun Veljet.
The best of the bunch of solo Butthole Surfers' projects, Paul Leary's marvellous The History of Dogs; as well as a couple of essential recordings from Silverfish: the Total Fucking Asshole and Fuckin' Drivin' or What e,p.s.
Or how about some blaxploitation inspired funky incidental music? As well as some of the best hard boiled dialogue ever to come out of British television. All captured on The Sweeney soundtrack album: Shut It! The Music of The Sweeney. Guv-nuh!
Whilst on the beat, why not move towards The Infinite Beat, with what has to be Psychic TV's most accessible recording, Towards Thee Infinite Beat.
And whilst wearing your best dancing plimsolls, carry on skanking with one of the Island's best with the almost forgotten Ini Kamoze album Statement. Criminal!
Some good old rock n roll from Country Joe McDonald [!] and his far out Rock and Roll Music From Planet Earth.
Live Pronk, from the Pronk Masters, Cardiacs, and their live album, unimaginatively titled Cardiacs Live - but don't be put off; they saved all their creativity for the music.
And finally, most appropriately, a very cool late seventies' set from ex-Airplane and Hot Tuna guitar hero Jorma Kaukonen. Essential.

So, if you missed any of those first time around; or you need to check out something new, grab 'em while you can.
As for this blog and its desperate throes; I'll keep it ventilated for a couple more weeks; enough time to cram in a few palliative posts to ease the pain, but the end is inevitable.
Act accordingly.


Sage said...

What with you and Weird Brother closing up shop things are looking grim.

It's been great though.

Cheers Nick.

roy rocket said...

Cheers, Nick.

I'll try and go out with some sort of bang... but I fear it has all been done! roy

Mick Ouen said...

Hello Roy. I cannot believe I have been trawling the internet for so long looking for all the little gems that you, and only you, seem to have only to find that you have closed or are closing. Some links are ok, some are dead. Too technophobic to know what's going on. Is there any way to contact you? I am on Facebook as Mick Ouen. Would very much appreciate if we could have some contact. I may have stuff you want, over three terrabytes of music. :)

roy rocket said...


Send me your e mail - I won't publish it - and I'll contact you. roy