Thursday, 16 February 2012

Cook it Up

From May 2010, The Slits, re-energised after the release of 2009's Trapped Animal, an album recorded thirty years after their debut Cut, took to a festival stage in Barcelona.

Ari Up, a familiar but unique figure, and only original member, fronted the band, backed up by long time bass playing Slit Tessa Pollitt; drummer Anna Schulte: guitarist Michelle Hill; and helping out with vocals, and doing a mighty fine job, Hollie Cook (son of ex-Pistol Paul).

Six months later, Ari was dead.

Listening to this, no one could have anticipated that (including the band at the time, apparently).

A wonderful performance by Ari - an artist who believed remaining in key was nothing more than bourgeois, and no doubt patriarchal - the perfect crystallization of a truly authentic artist.
There won't be another.
Long live Ari Up!
Long live The Slits!

The Slits - Live, Barcelona (2010)

Grown Ups
Typical Girls
Fade Away
Heard it Through the Grapevine
Lazy Slam
Partner from Hell
Let's Do the Split

CD rip, excellent quality.
Have a punky reggae party here
(No matter what Bob would have thought....)

If you haven't checked out Hollie Cook's album yet, do.
A very nice piece of old skool styled lovers rock.


Anonymous said...

ta for this one marrar... Long live Ari Up! :))) xx

stc said...

ohhhhh the slits! i love their cover of 'heard it through the grapevine'

roy rocket said...

Hmm, so do I.
So much better than the original ;) roy