Saturday, 25 February 2012

Rutter's Delight

It was the good old boys from Young Moss Tongue who put this up after I placed a request with them, as it was just impossible to find anywhere.
Well, Young Moss Tongue is no longer (RIP), so a void has appeared where this digital beauty once lived (yes I have checked, and once again it appears to be unavailable - until now that is).

The Rutles, in their original conception - a Rutland Weekend Television spin off called All You Need is Cash, a spoof documentary now considered to be pioneering and truly seminal (it's still stands up well: funny, smart and wonderfully constructed) - soon gained cult interest, and on the back of the TV movie, several recordings were released; featuring Eric Idle (initially), Ricky Fataar (ex-Beach Boy [Holland period]), John Halsey (ex-Timebox, Patto, and acts far too various to mention), Ollie Halsall (ex-Timebox, Patto, Boxer, and again many many others), and at the helm, musical director and song writing genius Neil Innes (ex Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and occasional Python).

You don't necessarily have to know the recordings of The Rutles to appreciate this collection - although that does add something to the gratification of this product - but like all good cover versions the songs stand up very well on their own - no doubt in part as a consequence of reverence and homage - but the collection is still very strong throughout.
When I listen to it I skip nothing; each song, no matter what the genre, compliments perfectly through its juxtaposition; creating a fantastic listening experience from beginning to end.

As with many of these tribute styled collections, the best tracks are those that digress furthest from the original genre; and there's a lot of that digression here: prog, folk, punk, avant garde, electronica, and er, Daniel Johnston; all add plenty to Neil Innes's ever so clever Beatlesesque parodies.

All in all, a superb collection; and I really can't understand why it's not more available or celebrated in the manner it truly deserves.

You'll honestly find it hard not to.

Various Artists - Rutles Highway Revisited (1990)

Galaxie 500 - Cheese and Onions
The Pussywillows - Hold My Hand
Bongos, Bass and Bob - Number One
Lida Husik - Good Times Roll
Dogbowl - Another Day
Das Damen - Piggy in the Middle
Syd Straw & Marc Ribot - I Must Be in Love
Joey Arias - Nevertheless
When People Were Shorter & Lived Near the Water - Let's Be Natural
Unrest - Between Us
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Ouch
The Tinklers - Blue Suede Schubert
Tuli Kupferberg - Living in Hope
Daniel Johnston - Baby Let Me Be
Uncle Wiggly - It's Looking Good
Shonen Knife - Goose Step Mama
Jellyfish Kiss - Get Up and Go
King Missile - Doubleback Alley
Paleface - With a Girl Like You
Bongwater - Love Life

CD rip to mp3s, artwork included.
Hit the Highway here


crow said...

hey Roy... hope you are doing well my old friend...


roy rocket said...

Still here, M.

Great to hear from you; and glad to see that you are still with us, if only in the spirit world of the comment box.
Your blog is greatly missed.

Drop me an e sometime; let me know what you're up to.
Very best wishes to ya.
From your old cyber-buddy, roy

Terry said...

Thanks Roy - This one passed me by at the time it came out.

roy rocket said...

Glad you have it now; coz you don't want to let it pass you by; or make you cry or make you blue... ;) roy

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for spreading the joy. The involvement of Bongwater and King Missile has me interested here.

...and yes, Young Moss Tongue is a big miss. Especially on Wednesdays.

cgm said...

Thanks for this hard-to-get ironic gem!