Saturday, 23 July 2011

Prime Cuts

Inspired by Henryk Górecki's Symphony No. 3, Op 36, Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, Lamb's homage now serves as a lament for the composer's recent passing.

The two CD single releases collectively represent much of what the electronica duo were initially all about: wistful vocals, trip-hop beats, with a leaning towards instrumental drum and bass lite.

Part of the mid-nineties Jazz Café, hip wine bar kind of vibe, they exemplified the genre: beautiful music made by beautiful people.

Great come down sounds; if ever you feel the need or inclination.

Lamb - Górecki (1997)


Górecki instrumental
Ear Parcel


Górecki edit
Trans Fatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session Mix)
Merge (Jimsters Jam Mix)

CD rip to mp3s
Liddle Lamzy here


OLDNIK said...

On a trip to Philidelphia I was lucky to see LAmb play a Cocktail Lounge type venue (the 5 spot if my hazy memory serves me, which after a quick Google search has burned down...) A very intimate gig, and quite a few Brits in there if I recall!
I had both these on CD, mainly for the K&D remix, as everything they touched turned to smoking dub jazz gold (to my ears anyway) they have since vanished, along with a host of CD singles I had from the 90's

roy rocket said...

Shame about your discs; but hey, I'm sure you can probably find them now all on the wondeful infernet.

Yeah, K&D did some amazing things with others' music; man, they even made Depeche Mode sound good.

Wish I'd seen Lamb.
Heard their new one?

OLDNIK said...

Not heard the new one yet, only what was played on 6 music a while ago.