Saturday, 16 July 2011

Let's Go Trippin

It's a funny thing, you know, the way some bands seem to bury their best material.

'Creature', a song that I believe is the greatest thing Tripping Daisy ever produced, is a prime example.
Literally sandwiched between two album tracks as part of a CD single, this glorious piece was so easily missed.

Tripping Daisy were primarily an album band; and if you bought the album (I Am an Electric Firecracker, where the other two tracks originate), why fork out for a solitary unreleased track?

However, I'm lucky, I fortunately live with a completest who back in the day would think nothing of buying half a dozen versions of single releases - she was a particular sucker for Kula Shaker & Verve releases, who both really pushed it.
Personally, I always thought it was a right scam, yet as I was to find out, the odd track, like the aforementioned, would just make your jaw drop, and you'd wonder why the hell they hadn't made more of it.

'Creature' encapsulates all that was good about the U.S. post-grunge, indie scene (TD were indie in the genre sense; they belonged to Island): a pronk-like arrangement, you know, slow bits juxtaposed with fast bits; trippy vocals; twisted lyrics and a big chorus with power chords aplenty.

As for the other tracks, 'Piranha' is typically post-grunge, and 'High' is probably the best track from the Firecracker album: a sweet little stoner ode, gorgeously worked with a suitably twisted production and lyric.

If you've not experienced Tripping Daisy before (think Ween, Porno for Pyros kind of territory), this is a great place to start; and if you know them well but have missed this; check it out; see what you think.

Tripping Daisy - Piranha (1995)


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KiDG said...

Love what you wrote! Will check it out! Thanks!

roy rocket said...

The suspense, the suspense....