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Here's another post inspired by the aforementioned KSAN compilation; but rather than lifting tracks from it to post, the Joplin fronted Big Brother and the Holding Company's set got me thinking that it's always the same songs; and as great and iconic as those songs are (you know, 'Piece of my Heart', 'Ball and Chain' et al.), listening to them again inspired me to dig out this recording: a little known album from the San Fransisco psyche rockers.

After their initial success, BB&THC called it a day.
Joplin went off to do her Kosmic Blues thang, and after some deliberation, a new Big Brother emerged.
With new singer Nick (The Greek) Gravenities taking over Janis' duties, the band played on; and despite the fact that Joplin apparently left the band acrimoniously - she was the star, band not good enough, unfair distribution of income, etc - she remained friendly enough to record backing vocals for this album; proving that BB&THC were more than just her backing band.

In spite of all the good vibes that pour fourth from this very upbeat and summery album, my favourite track is the obligatory slow number (I'm a lugubrious fucker): the miserable 'Heartache People'. A track that allows Gravenities to reveal his chops, helped out beautifully by fiddle master, legendary Papa John Creach.

Man, they certainly knew the right people did Big Brother.

Big Brother and the Holding Company - Be A Brother (1970)

Keep On
Joseph's Coat
Home On the Strange
Heartache People
Sunshine Baby
Mr. Natural
Funkie Jim
I'll Change Your Flat Tyre Merle
Be a Brother

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