Monday, 4 July 2011


Haven't got too much detail on this one as it came to me as a CD-R via mucker Hackenbacker.

Obscure Power Pop!
And much of it is, despite the album's ridiculous sobriquet.

True, most are unknown (out of the bunch, I only managed to find two Wikipedia pages - if you consider that an act of measurement), and the collection stays way outside of the pop charts of its time, but as a compilation; a crystallization of the glam scene at its height (72-75), I think it works pretty well.

Obviously, this genre snapshot is full of the expected echoes of Slade, Sweet, Wizard, etc., but your ears are taken back even further. Psychedelic remnants abound; marks of Beatles, Stones and Monkees; mediated and moulded to fit the aural lust of the post-sixties pop generation.

Interestingly, the collection also contains fractional glimpses of its future.
Just listen to The Washington Flyers' 'Another Saturday Morning'.
Pulp, right?
(That's the band. Not a put-down.)

All in all, this is good fun. And very deleted.
Well worth a listen.
It may not be Nuggets but I bet it's able to put a smile on your face.

Like a goose from an old friend.

Various Artists - Glitter From the Litter Bin (2003)

The Spivs - Oh You Beautiful Child
Kid Dynamite - Breaking the Ice
Daddy Maxfield - Rave 'n' Rock
Jook - Alright With Me
Anthony Bygraves - Painted Lady
Washington Flyers - Another Saturday Morning
Ayshea - Farewell
Small Wonder - Ride a Black Sheep
Buster - Superstar
Renegade - My Revolution
Barry Ryan - Do That
Streakers - Turn Me Down
Jook - King Capp
Stumpy - Making Me a Superman
Paul St. John - The Flying Saucers Have Landed
Billy Hamon - Butch Things
Capt Skidlid - She Knew Him Too
Buster - Motor Machine
Starbuck - Do You Like Boys
Edwina Biglet & the Miglets - Thing

CD rip to mp3s
Pick up Litter here


devotionalhooligan said...

ah pure class mate... this is going straight to the top of my next party mix. :))) xx

roy rocket said...

Chuck in some Slade, add some Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs, and boy, have you got one hell of a party!
Boogie-on-down, roy

teifidancer said...

The migty furbster remembers Kid Dynamite, but in a moment she isnow pretending she can't remenber. I've worn the little dear out. hey ho di ho.
the bloody censor at my shoulder. take it easy. laters.

roy rocket said...

Enjoying City Lights, huh?

zigzagwanderer said...

Great stuff , most of which I hadn't heard before , Small Wonder's 'Ride A Black Sheep' !!
Check out more like this on the 'Velvet Tinmine' & 'BOOBS - Junkshop Glam Discotheque' comps.

GrUrs said...

Hi there,
Is there any chance to reupload this wonderful compilation? I've been looking for it for a couple of years. Maybe in lossless, please...?
Thanks in advance!

roy rocket said...

Ok, get your flares on; dig out your stacked-heeled boots; for the link is fixed.
Enjoy. roy

GrUrs said...

Many thanks, Roy!
Maybe someday lossless will be avaliable :) Oh...

roy rocket said...

Unfotunately, I very much doubt it.
:( roy