Saturday, 28 May 2011

Swann Song

Steve Swann was one of the progenitors of Radical Dance Faction; providing bass sounds that along with Chris Bowsher's voice defined their ever so distinctive brew and amphetamine driven crusty reggae stylings.

During one of Bowsher's reshuffles - think Mark E Smith and his relationship with his musicians - Swann went off and started other projects; one of them being The Revolutionary Dub Warriors, who collaborated readily with our old friend Adrian Sherwood.

The result is something akin to a very well produced RDF (without Bowsher's stark utterances, of course).
Swann, as well as providing his obligatory lugubrious bass, also provides the voice; and he really is one of the most Jamaican sounding white singers you'll hear.

Unfortunately, Swann left us earlier this year; but this, along with his RDF recordings, is a good reason for him to be remembered.
Peace be upon him.

Revolutionary Dub Warriors - State of Evolution (1996)

Irie Warrior
Direct Address
Rough Dub
Sorrow Go
No Reservation
War Zone

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Evolve here

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