Monday, 16 May 2011

'erbal Medicine

I'm not sure what Dr. Alimantado is a doctor of exactly, but I'd guess it isn't horticulture.
You want to get some fertilizer on those plants, mate!
Take a tip from master herbaliser Peter Tosh; now there's a man who knew how to keep a garden.

But then, perhaps for Dr. Alimantado, Roots is really where it's at!

By 1979, the unlikely alliance between certain elements of Jamaican music and punk rock was reflected in many of the more roots' based musicians' recordings.
Darker, edgier sounds became the norm; heavier, deeper, bassier and louder became the expectation.
Artists like Alimantado met that expectation; but at the same time were able to retain common themes; many of Alimantado's lyrics are deeply spiritual; hymn-like, even; yet juxtaposed with the dub sounds, the effect is one that is far more down to earth.

This album isn't all heavy heavy monster sounds by any means, there are some lighter moments, although it never really goes rock steady; more typically Jamaican (and I don't mean that in a stereotypical way, it's just different to the U.K. or U.S. stuff: think more Culture than Aswad).
But whatever.
Crank it up, and push that bass right to the edge of the fart.

Dr. Alimantado - Kings Bread (1979)

Just Because a Bit of Bread
Marcus Garvey School
Babylon Let I Go
Jah Loving Feeling
Jah Love Forever
Mama Mama
Conscious Man
Zion Steppers
Find the One
Oh This World

Vinyl rip @320kbs
The recording quality is excellent throughout, but the beginning of track 1 has unfortunately suffered a little damage, causing several seconds of sibilance and a single jump. It lasts for about 3 seconds.
And apart from the expected crackle and pop, this album sounds beautiful.

It's dub vinyl, thirty-two years old. It ain't mint.
But believe me, this album is as elusive as Jamaican sensi; and [very nearly] as good.

Highly recommended to all who love traditional Jamaican dub.
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