Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Space, Man

Here's another from our old friend Country Joe.
Bit of a rare one this; pretty certain it didn't get a CD release; vinyl copies seem to go for around sixty-quid.

Having dealt with his spiritualness somewhat (see previous past), and then creating an album suggesting he'd cheered himself up a bit (Goodbye Blues ('77)), Country Joe got around to making this: a far more upbeat, sort of getting back to his Fish roots sounding album.
(Don't know much about him? go get the wonderful Life and Times of Country Joe & The Fish. Essential listening!)
He's a great song writer is Country Joe: great tunes, great hooks, and even when he performs civil rights' songs, he often includes elements of humour, satire and witty self deprecation.
Okay, he can get a little sentimental at times; but he's never been a big one for pathos.
He can write a provocative lyric that makes you want to sing along; rather than one that makes you feel obliged to: 'Fixing tro Die Rag' being the perfect example.

I guess the song 'Bring Back the 60s, Man' confirms for some the stereotype that Country Joe kind of readily fits; and yes, it is romantic, indulgent; plain old hippy-shit, but you know, after you've listened to the track a few times; you realise, that maybe, just maybe, it might not be such a bad idea at all...

Country Joe McDonald - Rock and Roll Music From Planet Earth (1978)

Bring Back the 60s, Man
Sunshine at my Window
Rock and Roll Again
Dark Ship
Southern Cross
Space Patrol
Get It Together

Decent cassette rip @320kbs
Return to Planet Earth here


Anonymous said...

Would appreciate if you reupload this rare item! thanks!
Joost a dutch fan

roy rocket said...

Zooming in soon.
Keep watching... roy

roy rocket said...

Enjoy, roy