Monday, 6 June 2011

Let Us Call Thee Devil

Back from the Big Smoke.
New scene; new outlook; new genre.

And what could be more appropriate after visiting one of the most exciting cities in the world than some no nonsense, heads' down, mindless boogie!
And there's none more mindless than AC/DC.

And don't you just love 'em for it.

For me, AC/DC came to an end with Highway To Hell.
I wasn't that keen; and once Bon had gone, well... different band, right.

I still think their best was Let There Be Rock, and that's why I like this set so much, as it really showcases that album; with the real standout track being that magnum opus of headbanging delight 'Let There Be Rock' itself.

Recorded in 1977, as part of the BBC's Rock Goes To College series- it was broadcast on a Saturday evening, round about six o'clock if I remember rightly - a very enthusiastic Essex University, pre-metal audience took AC/DC to their hearts.
The band play a blinder, and all are ecstatic.

Anti Christ Devil Child!
Always cracked me up that one.
Angus was of course nothing more than the ultimate problem child; but when he threw a tantrum everyone listened and eagerly geed him on.

Unfortunately, Bon's problems were to do with his off stage antics rather than what went on in public.
But man, for an ex-roadie, he really knew how to perform.

If you're wondering what's going on during the couple of minutes of chunkity-chunkity-chunkity-chunk-chunk, well, that's when Angus does his striptease, only down to his shorts, of course, but his blazer, shirt and tie are removed in a curiously gratuitous fashion; and what with Scott strutting about, bare chested, stuck out like a cock-sure rooster, when you consider the gig was attended by a 98% male audience, you do have to wonder what exactly is going on....
It almost has something of the Greek about it.

O, and has anyone else noticed how similar Bon Scott's voice was to that of Lord Charles?
Separated at birth, I reckon.

AC/DC - Live Essex University, 1977 (BBC broadcast: Rock Goes To College)

Live Wire
Bad Boy Boogie
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock

Excellent audio rip from DVD captured broadcast @320kbs
Plug in here

This post is dedicated to Polly

Polly (1997-2011)


Anonymous said...

A fuckin great post mate,always loved bon scott era ac/dc,so i'm looking fwd to checking this and is a way perfect homage to polly!!! hope yoos are well & taking it steady maan. :))) xx

roy rocket said...

Polly loved her music LOUD.
Yes, most appropriate.

Steady as we go... roy

teifidancer said...

hope you got my message in the real world, got kicked off the computer yesterday.....
remember my first AC/DC ephipanie, just turned 14 at party of my sisters 'friend' they were playing 'Whole lotta Rosie' sis said avoid those blokes over their, where I said heading in their direction. The site of a grown man ib R.A.F greatcoat headbanging ferociously entranced me, he subsequently went through the floorboards, but carried on going,have you got a light mate, he asked..... um, no, I replied, but I subsequently started smoking that evening and went to Abertawe to get AC/DC back catalougue...
that gig is amazing by the way,
take it easy........ xx


your dog looks just like my dog sorry for your loss it's never easy to lose a pet

roy rocket said...

I know.
And I have two more lurchers of old age... no doubt, they'll be putting in an appearence on this blog in the not too distant...

Think I'll go for a lie down. roy