Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Ween A Peel

Ween produced two sessions for John Peel's BBC radio show.
The first in 92 the second a year later.

There is a bootleg version of these tracks that apparently exists but this collection comes from my own cassette versions of the sessions, including a couple of Ween related Peelisms.

The recording is top rate; complete tracks with no sibilance.
Obviously captured while on tour - both sessions were recorded at Maida Vale - Ween are tight and hot; moving from the absurd to psyche to metal to folk to a kind of variety style, all within eight tracks; disregarding genre barriers as if they were purely abstract.

Which of course they are.
I just wish more of the contemporary scene would take that on board.

Ween - Peel Session: 20 Feb, 1992

Pork Roll Egg and Cheese
Captain Fantasy (includes Peel's reaction)
Don't Get Too Close To My Fantasy

Ween - Peel Session: 25 Apr, 1993

What Deaner Was Talking About
Take Me Away
Buckingham Green (includes Peel's outro)

Excellent cassette rip @320kbs
Peel here


gclot said...

Hi Roy

loving the Ween posts perfect for these glorious summer days we are having.

Take Care

DrSaluki said...

Thanks for the Ween Peel Sessions, been after those for years. Great blog too!