Thursday, 10 June 2010

Now Let's You Just Drop Them Pants

From one of the first female rock bands, The Runaways, to one of the best: L7.

Known primarily as a punk band, this 1992 Butch Vig produced album is very grungy; almost metal; a similar sound to Tad in many ways: very downbeat: very, very 'eavy.

Fronted by Suzi Gardner and Donita Sparks, the founder members, share vocals and guitar; but Sparks was the talent when it came to songwriting.
The best tracks are all hers: 'Pretend We're dead', 'Shitlist', 'Diet Pill' and her true masterpiece 'Wargasm'; a brilliant opening track; a track that seems even more relevant now than it was when recorded.
In my opinion, definitely their finest song.
They had a big impact on the British audience while promoting this album.
Whilst appearing on the hip yoof show The Word Sparks decided to drop her trousers towards the end of their performance of 'Pretend We're Dead', and hey, she was going commando.
Giving new meaning to a guitarist using a Big Muff.

Yes, it did have quite an impact; I'd never seen Terry Christian so gob-smacked.

L7 - Bricks Are Heavy (1992)

Pretend We're Dead
Diet Pill
One More Thing
Mr. Integrity
This Ain't Pleasure

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Janey said...

I listened and thought they were great! Wargasm is pretty intense, and I really enjoyed the energy. Nice pick. :)

infinite fool said...

Great band. Great album. "Pretend We're Dead" was a massive hit on my college's radio station way back when.

muffin said...

Cheers mate! Fckin class *A* vinyl quality with sexy bass :D I think time to get rid the dust off my mk2 and get in work sum gorgeous vinyls -.-