Sunday, 13 June 2010

Spud U Like

Devo are releasing a new album (Yes!), the first for twenty years (Criminal!).

Click on the pic to find out all about it and you can have a listen to the opening track.
Sounds promising.
To celebrate I figured I'd post some Devo; just to join in with the spirit of the thing.

Captured in 1996 at one of their special reunion gigs, appearing in the 'Mystery Band Slot' at one of the Lolapalooza festivals, they play some blistering, real ballsy versions of early material.

Every track is played with great gusto and energy; no stale performances here; the versions of 'Smart Patrol' and 'Mr. DNA' blow the originals away completely.
Check out that oscillating synth solo; damn near screws your head off.

The audience really seem to appreciate this performance; which is in stark contrast to the time I saw them back in 1978.

Devo were part of the line up for the Knebworth Festival, playing alongside Jefferson Starship, Genesis and Tom Petty!
Yeah right, Devo really fitted the bill.

They managed to get half way through 'Pink Pussycat' when it seemed the most proactive part of the mainly disgruntled audience decided enough was enough, and proceeded to hurl all manner of shit at the stage.
Cans, mud, plastic beer bottles filled with piss, whatever detritus they could desperately lay their hands upon rained down upon poor ol' Devo.

They left the stage.
Moaning something about the lousy sound set-up.

My mate and I seemed to be the only people who were pissed off about it; but then again we were only fourteen, what did we know?
Man, we didn't even have beards!

Devo - Live at Lolapalooza (1996)

Uncontrollable Urge
Jocko Homo
Smart Patrol
Gut Feeling
Slap Your Mummy
Gates Of Steel
Come Back Jonee

Excellent cassette rip @320kbs
Devolve yourself here
Unfortunately this download does not come with a free toy.


K. Telle said...

I was at this show and unfortunately was one of only a scant few standing. It was great - thanks for sharing. I can;t wait to hear it!

A Dashing Blade said...

Was also there, mainly to see Starship (as was massively into the old Aeroplane iyswim).