Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Soul Shall Be Required

Wicked 1969 sampler from British Soul and R&B pioneers Soul City Records.
A collection of top tunes from difficult to buy 60's American artists; specifically targeting home audiences eager to experience the "exciting, everchanging scene of Soul Music, more than just a transitory fad."

The compilation is bookended by a couple of real original greats.
Opening with the R&B classic 'It's All Over Now' - made famous by cover band extraordinaire The Rolling Stones - here produced in all its raw glory by The Valentinos, belted out masterfully by the song's co-composer Bobby Womack.

And ending with Bessie Banks' soulful delivery of 'Go Now'; anglicized mournfully and made massive by The Moody Blues - this version is so much better. Alone well worth the download.

Also included are some great dancy instrumentals.
A young Billy Preston pushes the Hammond to the max on his 'Greazee - Part 2'; The Soul City Executives go upbeat and party during 'Happy Chatter'; and The Packers' perform an excellent Booker T styled track with 'Go Head On'.
If these songs don't make you wanna get up and dance, you need to check your pulse...

As well as live sounding R&B tracks, best utilized by Thelma Jones and the great Chuck Edwards - 'Downtown Soulville' must be one of the best R&B tunes ever produced - the "now sound of Soul and R&B" is also represented; Chris Jackson singing a blinding falsetto vocal over an orchestrated wall of sound; a style that would soon come to dominate the genre.

All in all a superb collection.
Evey track's a star; and despite this sampler being forty years old, if you want to let your hair hang down and really wig out, you'd be hard pressed to beat this... It's real bad!

Various Artists - Soul From The City (1969)

It's All Over Now - The Valentinos
It's A Good Life - Sylvia
Greazee-Part 2 - Billy Preston
The Star - Shirley Lawson
Downtown Soulville - Chuck Edwards
Happy Chatter - The Soul Executives
The House That Jack Built - Thelma Jones
Go head On - The Packers
I'll Never Forget You - Chris Jackson
Go Now - Bessie Banks

Excellent vinyl rip (despite its age) @320kbs
Get as deep as you like here


Anonymous said...

cheers mate... lovely way to start today.x

Mystic Melvin said...

Thanks for this, i still have 3 of the tracks on 7". I remember going to the Soul City shop if i remember rightly in was in Shaftsbury Avenue.

roy rocket said...

O yes. Beats the electricity bill or a solicitor's letter any day...
And you gotta have soul!

Originally in Deptford, but soon moved to the West End.
Ah, the days, the days...

Regards, roy

Stuart said...

Great stuff, thanks

-d said...

As always. Thanks.

-d said...

The Chuck Edwards song on this comp is the intro music to Mr. Fine Wine's Downtown Soulville show on WFMU. Friday nights 7-8pm (EST) on You can listen to archives here:

This show is highly recommended if you are into old soul music. Dude knows his soul.

I've been digging this comp pretty hard. Thanks!!!