Saturday, 31 October 2009

Doctor in the House

I have lots of fond memories of this band.
They often performed at London all dayers and nighters back in the eighties along with Hawkwind, Pink Fairies, PWEI et al.
If they weren't performing, the Doctor (Clive) would often take up position on the decks and act as house DJ and compere.
He was very good.

Visually, the band were stunning; with their peculiar take on psychedelic kabuki, the Doctor's crazy hair dos, and the Anadin Brothers' (Wendi and Colette) synchronized dance routines: it all made for great entertainment.

This e.p. from 1987 is a good representation of their sound; moving from a Devo-like angular style to progy-new wave, all soaked in a fair dose of eighties' psychedelia.
And of course: its got a great cover!

Doctor and the Medics - Two Pieces of Cloth Carefully Stitched Together (1987)

Sound of Chains
Perfect World
Silver King
Age of Gold

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Anonymous said...

Nice post Roy, I caught this bunch for the first time in the early 80's third on the bill behind an excellent set by the The Fuzztones and a very energetic performance by The Damned.

It was of the first gigs I went to.