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Impressive, easily missed, only album from guitar virtuoso Bruce Cameron.

Despite the obvious comparisons to Hendrix (not helped by the presence of remaining Gypsies; Mitch Mitchell; and that white Strat), Cameron is more akin to Kpt.Kopter; but really, I think Cameron grew up listening to British players, sounding more like Kossoff or even Robin Trower (without the pout or the gape [or the boredom]).

Cameron made this and then decided to end it all.
If you're wondering... it's all there in what has to be the heaviest track on the album, 'I Want to be Late'.
Of course: "rock n roll!"

So it's a blast.
Kind of what you expect, only better.
Cameron showers notes all over the place - but without Van Halen pomposity or Santana-like ostentation.

Yet perhaps the two most outstanding tracks are those least expected.
Two instrumentals: one, 'Day After Yesterday', with old Mothers' wind man Bunk Gardner; and the other, a remarkable piece entitled 'So, Aliens Have Been Here'; a ditty well worth a listen; a world away from the rest, and something that marked Cameron out as being more than just another quirky shredder.

Bruce Cameron - Midnight Daydream (1999)

Midnight Daydream
Doctor Please
Mind Gardens
Miles Away
Born to Lose
I Want to be Late
Forever Rebel Girls
Just Like a Spaceman
So, Aliens Have Been Here
A Thousand Moons
Raining the Blues
Day After Yesterday
Falling Up a Mountain
She's So Gone

CD rip includes art & info.
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Anonymous said...

Jeez, the poor chap must have spent a huge sum getting all these famous names to appear on his album, and then for it to disappear quickly at the time of release without any notice (i assume). Almost understandable what happened next. A better mix certainly would have helped (loud guitars are good, but this is just too much as the guitars here sound *obnoxiously* loud swamping the other instruments), as would have better lyrics as well. Thanks for the listen to this 'one-off' though!...