Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The State I'm In

The state of music blogging is all rather depressing at the moment, and I do wonder whether it would be a complete waste of time to add anything new.

Many links on this blog are now dead; although where I do give an option (Multiupload or Sharebee) Deposit Files and Wupload should still be live, and at present, all Mediafire links remain good.

If you do find something you want and there's no living link, comment and I'll upload a Mediafire link in its place.

Life's too short for me to methodically go through and replace everything, so I'm at your behest; happy to share MY music collection with anyone who wants to listen.

Pip pip. roy


Longy said...

I feel for you Roy,I really do. Some blogs I've come across have been completely destroyed because of the Megaupload thing. I wouldn't blame any of you chaps if you didn't bother anymore after seeing so many hours of uploading nuked in a flash.

roy rocket said...

Thanks for empathy, Longy.
Course it's not just Megaupload now, others have changed and restricted what they do and provide - trying to ward off lawsuits no doubt.

I'm sitting tight; see what happens.

crazy head said...

Hi there! I'm from Spain (Europe) and a "crazy head" about Country Joe McDonald's Paradise with an Ocean album.

(mediafire) Please!

Best! And Thanks!

PS: I love whales!!!


roy rocket said...

Hi Crazy Head in Spain (Europe),
I'm in, ironically, Wales (also in Europe, just) and I'm glad you're a W[h]ales fan.

Look for the 'Fixed' comment or a Mediafire link on the Country Joe post: coming soon! roy

roy rocket said...


crazy head said...

Thank you so much roy!!!!

How nice!!!

I really love the "Save the Whales" song from this album!

Country Joe's music is so Cool!!!

Best Wishes from Spain to Wales! Nice place Wales where you're living in I mean!

See you!

PS: I hope that my english is good enough for you to read! :)

roy rocket said...

Enjoy. roy

668 said...

Hi Roy
Well, it's a pretty f***ed up situation about Mega. (Unfortunately most of my own rips I contributed to different blogs, were uploaded to Mega)
Anyway, I just wanted to inform you that all links in the Ween-posts are down.
Re-ups appreciated (Don't hurry).
Greetings from GerMoney,
668 - Neighbour of the Beast

668 said...

Argh. Just noticed that the link for 'Zip A Dee Dada' is dead, too.

roy rocket said...

I'll get on to it...
"668, Neighbour of the Beast," I like that.

Keep 'em peeled & check posts for 'fixed' comment. roy

668 said...

Forgot to bookmark your blog and had some problems to find it again. Just had to check my gmail account earlier to find the message about your reply. Well, finally I did it.

Thanx for the so far updated links!

And about my signature / shortened web-nick:
I love playing with words. But to be honest this one didn't come out of my head. I 'stole' it from Attila the Stockbroker's AUS/NZ-only-release with the same title. He played several times in our (no longer existing) venue, where I was part of the concert group. The advertising poster of that album was part of the posters he sent us for a gig once. And I'm proud (no, not to be a German) we are still #10 in his top 10 gig list (http://attilathestockbroker.com/bestgigs.html).
I should stop here before I get a boner ;)