Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hairy Fairies

The 'reforming' of Larry, Duncan, Russell, Twink and Andy in 1987, resulted in this rather nifty recording being made, and ended with a blinding performance while topping the bill at a real humdinger of a marathon all-dayer at Kentish Town's Town & Country Club.
(What an all-dayer that was...!)

On the night their set travelled back and forth through the years; singer and sound changing as they moved from one Fairies' phase to another.
Kill 'em & Eat 'em does the same thing, but with new songs: the Larry Wallis songs - making up most of the album - carry on from Kings of Oblivion; the rest pick up from where What a Bunch of Sweeties left off.

With the accumulation of five Fairies the overall sound throughout this album is solid and large.
The fact they hadn't played together as a band since around '77 made them tighter if anything, and it seemed that during the interim none of the Fairies (well, apart from Paul Rudolph) had forgotten how to be Pink.

Pink Fairies - Kill 'em & Eat 'em (1987)

Broken Statue
Fear of Love
Undercover of Confusion
Waiting for the Ice Cream to Melt
Taking LSD
White Girls on Amphetamine
Seeing Double
Fool About You
Bad Attitude
I Might Be Lying

Excellent vinyl rip @320kbs
Believe in Fairies here


CK said...

Thanks for this Pink Fairies. Love these guys but didn't have this one. Really appreciated you sharing. Have a great 2012!

roy rocket said...

And you. Enjoy! roy