Monday, 17 January 2011


Just in case you're curious; here's what Bethnal sounded like when they were on their own back in seventy-eight.

Already firmly entrenched in the post-punk camp, their fiddle-fronted sound could only go one way.
And on this 12" the tracks reveal their destiny: prog called and they ran towards it.

Here they sound a bit like Eddie and the Hot Rods with a great deal of Who sensibility.
The title track is a well played and well produced rocker. The flip is made-up of excerpts; clips from their album Dangerous Times; seems a little desperate: I don't think they sold too well.
And although this is not a bad listen, I always felt Bethnal were one of those bands who were top musicians, had a great sound, but didn't really have too much decent material.

Until Bob came along that is.
O the Hype.

Bethnal - Don't Do It 12" (1978)

Don't Do It
Excerpts from Dangerous Times:
Who We Gonna Blame
Baba O'Reily
Out in the Street

Decent 12" vinyl rip @320kbs
Go to Bethnal here


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