Thursday, 23 September 2010

That's Not His Name

I first encountered the name Billy Childish while clambering around inside Tracey Emin's 'Tent': Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995, at Saatchi's Sensation exhibition back in 97.

I knew of his bands The Mighty Caesars and Thee Headcoats but I didn't make the connection; I thought it was a silly name, one perhaps Emin had invented.

How wrong I was, and it slowly dawned on me through serendipitous references and ubiquitous name dropping by those who are assumed hip, that Billy Childish was a real person (Steven Hamper in fact), and had every right to occupy one of the largest surface areas within Emin's tent.
She readily admits that Billy Childish was the greatest inspiration in her life.

There's ample amounts of Billy Childish recordings available out there, and I have nothing that I can really add to that without merely repeating what others have done.

But what I have got to share is a fascinating and compelling documentary and interview with Billy Childish produced by the BBC earlier this year.

The radio broadcast corresponded with a major exhibition of Childish's work at London's ICA gallery. Visual art, music and poetry featured in the exhibition (Childish refuses to settle into one medium or form; being a true artist in the Renaissance sense; being creative, and refusing to be categorised or confined) and some of the interview concentrates on this - dare one say it about Childish - 'mainstream' exhibition.
But in the main the programme allows Childish to pretty much free-associate.

Quizzed and prompted by John Wilson, son of Bob (yes, that Bob. You know: "Bob Wilson: Anchorman" Bob), Childish comes across as a most conducive and intelligent character.
It makes for a fascinating listen. Art, Emin, punk rock, poverty, subversion, fame and a whole feast of other subject matter is covered.

For instance, I totally and wholeheartedly agree with his attitude and opinion concerning the term 'Outsider Artist'; a label Childish despises; a term I have, like Childish, always considered derisory; a label created by an elitist art establishment for anyone who doesn't fit-in or follow their arbitrary and bullshit 'rules'.

So big up the BBC for giving Billy Childish the air time, and bless 'em, they even allowed him to introduce himself:

I am Billy Childish
Ex drunk and compulsive masturbator

Late night vomiter of good liquor

Kisser of purple lipped women

Writing poems celebrating the emptiness of my love.

So if you're interested in what Billy Childish has to say about music,


or life in general, this is well worth a listen.

Wild Billy Childish
Produced and broadcast by the BBC, Radio 4.
Broadcast 23/3/10.

Excellent rip from DVD captured digital broadcast @320kbs to single mp3 (30 minutes)
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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Slosh About!

Early cut from Hardcore Metal outfit Prong.

This album catches the band before they acquiesced to their more identifiable Industrial sound; here they are all power-trio; kickin' ass and wigging out in a most exuberant manner.

Great to drive to; great for shouting along to.
And as is so common in this genre, there's some wickedly dumb lines to shout.

The refrain from 'Drainpipe' has to be about the dumbest and the best.
All together now: "Slosh about!"

Prong - Force Fed (1988)

Freezer Burn
Senseless Abuse
Primitive Origins
Aggravated Condition
The Coliseum
It's Been Decided
Force Fed
The Taming
Look at the Sun

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Sunday, 12 September 2010


Someone desired a little more of this.
And who am I to deny others' desires.

May All your desires become reality!

The Trashwomen Live! epitomizes all that is good about surf-punk; all that is good about women and all that is bad about men; the dominant sex heard here between tracks revealing his true nature.

Men! Tossers.
Present company excepted, of course...

The Trashwomen - Live! From Tom Guido's Purple Onion & Other Swinging Places (1994)

Gear Masher
Turd Bath
Queen of the Surf
Pretty Baby
Space Needle
Let's Have a Party
Trashwoman's Revenge
KFCJ DJ Brent Indie Interviews The Trashwomen
Brent Indie Interviews Michael Lucas
I'm Trash
Nightmare at the Drag
Jamaica Farewell

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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Mutt n Jeff

If Nothing Short of Total War is one of the best compilations out there, Texas Trip is definitely one of the most out there.

Put together, recorded and produced by The Butthole Surfers in their prime, this selection showcases their own material as well as that of a few of their sonically eccentric mates.

Despite the Surfers at the controls, Daniel Johnston's 'Don't Play Cards With Satan' is one of his more accessible pieces, and he actually comes across as being one of the more saner and coherent of the artists captured here; not sure what that says about the others...

Johnston's other solo effort is a return to form: demanding, expanding and ultimately rewarding.

He also pops up on the better of the Surfers' contributions, 'All Day', his angst harmonising so sweetly with Gibby's aggressive Gibbytronix.

So, stick the cans on, and as they say over there in Texas: "Play Loud".

Various - Texas Trip (1987)

Steve Fitch - In the Neighbourhood
Daniel Johnston - Don't Play Cards With Satan
Stickmen With Rayguns - Gravecity
Butthole Surfers - All Day
Stickmen With Rayguns - Kill the Innocent
Daniel Johnston - Grievances
Butthole Surfers - Flame Grape

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Saturday, 4 September 2010


While ripping this earlier, I quickly concluded that Blast First's Nothing Short of Total War is definitely one of the best and most well put together compilation/samplers out there.

Just check out the roll call:
All caught at their finest - and what can one say about the recording of The Butthole Surfers' 'Jimi'...

But hey, nuff; let the album speak for itself:

Various - Nothing Short of Total War (1989)
Decent vinyl rip @320kbs

The spoken word samples I have mainly included as preambles: seemed appropriate.

Hear here