Sunday, 5 September 2010

Mutt n Jeff

If Nothing Short of Total War is one of the best compilations out there, Texas Trip is definitely one of the most out there.

Put together, recorded and produced by The Butthole Surfers in their prime, this selection showcases their own material as well as that of a few of their sonically eccentric mates.

Despite the Surfers at the controls, Daniel Johnston's 'Don't Play Cards With Satan' is one of his more accessible pieces, and he actually comes across as being one of the more saner and coherent of the artists captured here; not sure what that says about the others...

Johnston's other solo effort is a return to form: demanding, expanding and ultimately rewarding.

He also pops up on the better of the Surfers' contributions, 'All Day', his angst harmonising so sweetly with Gibby's aggressive Gibbytronix.

So, stick the cans on, and as they say over there in Texas: "Play Loud".

Various - Texas Trip (1987)

Steve Fitch - In the Neighbourhood
Daniel Johnston - Don't Play Cards With Satan
Stickmen With Rayguns - Gravecity
Butthole Surfers - All Day
Stickmen With Rayguns - Kill the Innocent
Daniel Johnston - Grievances
Butthole Surfers - Flame Grape

Decent cassette rip @320kbs
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