Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Slosh About!

Early cut from Hardcore Metal outfit Prong.

This album catches the band before they acquiesced to their more identifiable Industrial sound; here they are all power-trio; kickin' ass and wigging out in a most exuberant manner.

Great to drive to; great for shouting along to.
And as is so common in this genre, there's some wickedly dumb lines to shout.

The refrain from 'Drainpipe' has to be about the dumbest and the best.
All together now: "Slosh about!"

Prong - Force Fed (1988)

Freezer Burn
Senseless Abuse
Primitive Origins
Aggravated Condition
The Coliseum
It's Been Decided
Force Fed
The Taming
Look at the Sun

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