Thursday, 18 March 2010

White Magic

Much sought after, it seems, bootlegged compilation of early singles, later B sides, rarities and live tracks from the Detroit duo.

A completist's dream this, as many of the original sources are extremely unobtainable and unquestionably overpriced.

For me the triplet of Beefheart numbers is the real highlight of this collection.
Originally released as a very limited e.p. on Sub Pop records, it's now almost mythical in its aloofness.
Obviously Jack plays up the blues elements Beefheart's songs were so rooted in, but he does appropriately manage to bring his own sense of strangeness to the songs.
'China Pig' particularly benefits from this; packed with White's idiosyncrasy, truly making the song his own.
A pretty difficult thing to achieve with such iconic music.

Their cover of 'Jolene' is pure homage - no satire, no irony - Jack just loves this stuff, and The Stripes really big it up with their interpretation.
And yeah, he really can hit those highs!

And Dolly isn't the only icon covered in this collection. Marlene Dietrich, Bob Dylan, Loretta Lynn, Blind Willie McTell and Robert Johnson all get the White Stripes' treatment.

Quality is rather variable throughout, but never dissonant.
A few of the live tracks are of poorer quality, but they're really there because of their exclusivity, many not having been released in any form.
(And hey, if it's quality live Stripes you want, just drop to the post below.)

But it's the early rare, obscure studio recordings that this now elusive boot is valued for.
Elusive no more. Enjoy!

The White Stripes - Life on the Flipsides (2004)

Let's Shake Hands
Look Me Over Closely
Lafayette Blues
Sugar Never Tasted So Good
The Big Three Killed My Baby
Red Rolling Ball Ruth
Hello Operator
Hand Springs
Party of Special Things To Do
China Pig
Ashtray Heart
Lord, Send Me an Angel
You're Pretty Good Looking
Candy Cane Children
Red Death at 6-14
Rated X (Live)
Hotel Yorba (Live)
Lovesick (Live)
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
Suzy Lee (Live)
Stop Breaking Down (Live)
Screwdriver (Live)
Hotel Yorba (Live)
You're Pretty Good Looking (Live)
Fell in Love With a Girl (Live)
Fell in Love With a Girl (Live)

CD rip to mp3s
Get more of the White stuff here


Anonymous said...

curious that track #2 is AWOL.... actually only 22 trax made the cyber leap. thanx for the rest.

dr. dream

Ade3333 said...

5 tracks missing from download!

roy rocket said...

I will look into this and try and sort it - I'm sure it can be fixed

roy rocket said...


Apologies for lack of tracks with initial download; I've sussed the gremlin and now all is well.
Inclusive 27 tracks.
Enjoy, roy

Anonymous said...

Please please please re upload this it wont let me get it!

roy rocket said...

Hey, Anon.
You still out there - you still want this?