Thursday, 25 March 2010

Mud Men

Mudhoney do what Mudhoney do ever so well on this e.p.

The title track, a classic Seattle tune, begins with a riff, a drum roll, a scream from Arm, launching into a head down flat out 12 bar boogie.
A stonker, enabling Steve Turner to float fluid feedback laden lead over the top of Arm's riff and vocal.
Great sound; great tune.

The bonus track, 'Need', is credited on the sleeve as a 'Demo', but you'd hardly notice.
It sounds finished to me.
The quality of sound is superb; but I guess comparatively with 'You Got It' it lacks the polished production.
To my ear it's preferable. Sounding more live; more vibrant; and consequently it's one of my favourite Mudhoney tunes; containing, what I believe to be one of Arm's best vocal performances.

The final track, 'Burn it Clean', was a live favourite.
A very punk tune, with a pogo-friendly feel, which always sent the audience into a moshing frenzy.
O what fun we had.
Cheers, guys!
Mudhoney - You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face) (1989)

You Got It (Keep it Outta My Face)
Burn It Clean

Excellent 12" vinyl rip @320kbs
Revel in mud here


YoungMossTongue said...

nice one sir!... been a long while since i owned this... Mxxx

roy rocket said...

Yeah, great tunes.
Take you right back there.
Glad you like.
Regards, roy