Monday, 1 March 2010

Peace, Anarchy & Lemons

Admittedly not the greatest of recordings ever committed to plastic, but essential none the less.

Without wanting to sound too much like Rik from The Young Ones, this album documents the time when the tribes came together.
Of course not everyone was on side or so readily gregarious, but Mark Perry was always going to be a special case; a loose canon who right from the outset puzzled many with his opening track 'Alternatives' from the now seminal Alternative TV debut album.
A track that suggested future experimentation, hinting at an interest in the avant-garde from one would not acquiesce to genre conventions.

The Wild Fruits

As for Here & Now, well, you kind of get the impression they were up for anything.
Bringing their own sense of neo-psychedelia, madcappery and profundity to their music, they were the perfect act for Perry to synergize with, allowing the audience to fuse in their own minds two seemingly disparate ideologies.

Here & Now and Alternative TV (split album) -
What You See... Is What You Are (1978)

Here & Now side

What You See Is What You Are
Dog in Hell

Alternative TV side

Action Time Lemon
Going Round in Circles
Fellow Sufferer
Splitting in Two

As decent a vinyl rip I could make @320kbs
Find harmony here


Anonymous said...

perfect mate.i still love this album... the best punk record ever made & really changed my life big style.
hope you're doing ok.
big hugs.xx

ps.did you get my last email????

roy rocket said...

Funny you should say that!

teifidancer said...

nice one, cd rewriter getting fixed, but I don't hold my breath, well not for to long anyway, take it easy mate xx

Anonymous said...

Great blog with a very nice selection of music and well written posts!

Could you do us a favour and re-upload the feotus-mp3 in a more transparent resolution? fe 192 kbps?



roy rocket said...

What a good idea!
It is something I have been meaning to get round to: to update early posts to 320s.
The Foetus stuff will be the fist I do.
Keep your eyes on this space, as I promise to get round to it real soon.
Shanti, roy

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this blog. Along with a few others, it shines a welcome light into some of the dustier corners of late 70s / early 80s punk and alternative.

I could go on for *hours* about the hippy/punk crossover, I even called myself a hippunk for while *ahem*, in my bondage pants with "Here And Now" sprayed on them.

I paid £15 on ebay for this album 5 years ago...

ib said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent mate!!!!!!!!! Just what I was looking for!

Mona said...

Thanx from me too!
Re:Exile - ack my blogging fingers were still itchy!