Friday, 18 December 2009

Hard To Swallow

Here's a little taster for some newly released PIL material.

Originally sourced from a BBC Radio 1 session for the Mark Goodier show back in the early nineties, here are four tracks from a particularly heavy incarnation of Lydon's tribe.

Promoting the album That What Is Not, the band sound tight and energized; and with two guitarists the effect is a very metal accompaniment to Lydon's bitter, confessional lyrics.

The stand out songs are essentially the best two tracks from the album.
'Cruel' which is a real blinder of a PIL track, in this setting sounding truly bombastic, and must be considered one of the best post classic PIL tunes; and 'Acid Drops', a track that cleverly samples early Pistols without double dipping.

Lydon fluffs a line during his performance of 'Acid Drops', but being the showman he is ad-libs his way out of it so well you wonder whether the slip was really a slip at all.
You just can't trust these Situationists!

PIL Session for BBC Radio 1 (1992)

Acid Drops
Love Hope
Think Tank

Excellent rip from cassette @320kbs

These tracks have now been released as part of The Plastic Box collection.
So if you like these it's probably worth getting a copy of that.
Very reasonably priced...

Taster Session here

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devotionalhooligan said...

cheers mate... been listening to loads of wobble/PIL after reading wobbles memoir.
i went to see PIL the first time when i was 15 but sadly wobble had left by then.
i still love lydon though, he always manages to wind people up,even now...
i've just got back from a very cold few days up north,i got your msg & a reply will be heading your way asap.
hope you're enjoying your free time.xx