Saturday, 14 November 2009

Windy Pops

Recorded by the BBC back in 1972 for their radio show In Concert, this brief Hawkwind set is a real blinder, catching the band at their peak and experimental best.

Featuring the classic early Seventies line up, including both Del Dettmar and Dik Mik generating sonic oscillations and brain warping electronic atmospherics, this set effortlessly moves from one track to another via some far out space poetry.
'Earth Calling', 'Welcome to the Future' and the opening riff on Moorcock's words from his sci-fi horror classic The Black Corridor all make for a nerve tingling listen.

This set also includes what has to be my favourite version of 'Silver Machine'; Lemmy spits the words; just making me want to get in my car and drive; just drive; drive away into the night.
You know what I mean?

Hawkwind - Live at the Paris Theatre, 1972.
Ripped from digital broadcast @320kbs

I decided not to edit this as it works so well as a single piece.
Black Corridor
7 By 7
Earth Calling
Silver Machine
Welcome to the Future

Space out here


Mullers said...

Aye, just what I needed on a cold wet Sunday morning, the morning after the night before.

Thanks for this and your excellent choice of music.

teifidancer said...

ah another corker,earth calling

infinite fool said...

Can't wait to hear this - my favorite Hawkwind era... not that I can think of an unfavorite Hawkwind era, but...

Anonymous said...

C'Mon Wales, let's space out with Man,
got anything?

roy rocket said...

There's an awful lot of the Man Band out there already, but I may be able to conjure up something or other...
Heddwch, roy