Monday, 30 November 2009

Leaves on the Line

Considered by many to be the British dub outfit's greatest work, this 1995 release still makes for a great uplifting listen.

With their sound system roots, Homegrown Fantasy saw Zion Train cleverly fuse and mash dub, ska, dancehall, soul, techno, electronica and several other sub-genres, to create a colourful and diverse sound; making the album as a whole sound more like a compilation than the work of a single collective.

Very upbeat, very bouncy; and due to its eclecticism very much the party animal, whether it be in house or field.

Zion Train - Homegrown Fantasy (1995)

Dance of Life
Free the Bass
The Healing of the Nation
Universal Communication
Get Ready
For the Revolution
Why Should We Have to Fight?
Live Good IV
A Better Day
Love the Earth
One World, One Heart
One Conscience

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